SunStave Imbolc / Candlemas

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friday, Jan. 30th
Starting at 7 pm
Odd Fellows Hall
8698 Center St. Sandy Utah


I am Clove, this is the pagan that took the staff for the 2nd
Midwinter Sabbat that is usual held around January 31 to Feb 6. I have
rented the Odd Fellows Hall in Sandy, for Friday January 30th at 7pm.
We will be giving honor to Winter & the weather god/desses, at the
end of ritual acknowledge the coming of spring. Volunteers and the
loan of decorations would be very welcomed and needed. For decorations
colors of winter not Yule~~ think dark blues, the colors and symbols
of snow and ice, bare trees, animals of the season, rain, thunder and
lighting, finally caves, shadows and the occasional star filled sky of
late winter. Or what I like to call Deep Winter.
Midwinter Fractal
I am a solitary Hedge Witch (with Druid leanings) that celebrates the
seasons I am in, not the ones coming up. In my path I give thanks and
Honor to the current cycle of seasons. The pagans of old were Turning
the Wheel ~ which is wonderful. I know that many pagans still Turn the
Wheel which is great. However many in the world not, just pagans, are
so focused on what is next that I feel moments and energies are rushed
through, dealt with or ignored like Dark Winter. The season of cold
and storms, death, transformation, rest, candlelit rooms, fire warming
our homes, slowing down and introspection, incubation…
I will share more soon about the ritual, volunteer activities and
would love input. So please if you can help or would like to volunteer
reply here or email me
Peaceful Deep Winter,

The Staff has been passed for Imbolc!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sunstave Yule / St. Nicholas' Day

Information regarding the Imbolc festivities will be posted here when available!

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