SunStave Circle Samhain

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Millcreek Canyon
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The seasons turn and the veil thins, as we advance toward the cold of winter. Our harvests come to a close and we turn inward to contemplate the bitter winds of the dark time of the year.

Join us as we call upon our ancestors and loved ones who have passed in the last wheel.

SunStave Circle meets for the Samhain feast at 7 pm on Saturday, Oct. 31st in the Church Fork picnic area just below Log Haven Restaurant in Millcreek Canyon.

Watch for ribbons in the trees to signal our picnic area. We will be outdoors for this ritual so please dress for inclement weather, this event will NOT be canceled due to weather. Bring camp chairs to sit on and a potluck dish for the feast. If you would like to honor your ancestors you may bring a photo or memento for the altar.

Children are very welcome to attend this ritual but parents must be responsible for the behavior and whereabouts of their young ones. Although this event will be open to children we do ask that parents help their youngsters to understand that they are attending a respectful celebration of the dead.

Your hostess for this event is Heron and she can be reached at 801-613-VENUS

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There will be an adults-only "afterparty" at the Sacred Circle Temple following the ritual. For more details on this event please contact Avalon at 801-661-1710

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