SunStave Samhain

Monday, October 15, 2012

The wheel has turned and Samhain, known to non magical folks as Halloween is upon us. The Celtic new year is a time for renewing commitments, setting goals and honoring the dead.

This year’s Samhain is a special one since UUPS picked up the Sun Stave Staff and will be hosting Sun Stave for Samhain. Part of this year’s Samhain will consist of drinking to the new year, a druid rite, wiccan death ceremony of Cernunnos, and calling in the dead or ancestors to deliver messages from the other realm, help their living loved ones improve and move forward in their lives.

Please bring an item or photo of a loved one that has passed. There will be a separate ancestral table to set them on. This ritual will included heavy emotions, be prepared to see those beyond the grave. Feast will be after as usual. Dress warmly and if able, please bring a seasonally appropriate dish.

Saturday, Oct. 27th
6 pm

7455 Parkridge Cir, SLC 84121

Contact Daniel Cureton for more information - 801-709-4632 or

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