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Monday, May 18, 2009

by Jacob Hodgen

Sun Stave

"Blessed be."

The sacred rite is about to begin. A woman wearing a white robe and a pentagram necklace rings a chime and invites those in attendance to join her in a magical ceremony celebrating the coming of spring. She is joined to by two men wearing black robes. The ritual will take about half an hour and will involve the conjuration of multiple elemental forces. First, the three begin a multi-tonal chant and an invocation of benevolent spirits in Hebrew. They turn and face each of the four cardinal directions and make various hand gestures. Each direction is affiliated with a specific alchemical element and is called upon for blessings.

I am about to take part in the Sunstave Circle at the Odd Fellows lodge in Sandy, and the purpose of tonight's ritual is to seek balance between the spiritual and physical form and celebrate the spring equinox. The event is a unique Utah tradition that has been taken place in Utah since 1996 and happens about every six weeks, corresponding with various solar calendar events.

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